September 2021

The Laws of the Game state that jewellery of any kind is not allowed - if jewellery cannot be removed or earrings cannot be taken out then the player cannot play. Jewellery (including earrings and piercings of any kind) cannot be worn and taped up, they must be removed. The Laws of the Game also extend to spectacles - normal spectacles are not allowed, they must be removed before playing. The only spectacles that are allowed are safety or sports glasses. Please ensure that your players turn up for games without any of the above - referees should not have to inspect players before games and get into an argument with managers/players/parents about this, this the responsibility of the club/team management - PLEASE MAKE ALL OF YOUR PLAYERS AND PARENTS AWARE.

The Laws says:

A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous.
All items of jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather bands, rubber bands, etc.) are forbidden and must be removed. Using tape to cover jewellery is not permitted.
The players must be inspected before the start of the match and substitutes before they enter the field of play. If a player is wearing or using unauthorised/dangerous equipment or jewellery, the referee must order the player to:

A player who refuses to comply or wears the item again must be cautioned.

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